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The Tamarind Miracle

February 04, 2022 4 min read

The Tamarind Miracle

Although I grew up picking tamarinds off the tree, shelling them clean for my grandmother’s tamarind stew, and then enjoying the sour-sweetness as it burst in my inner cheeks, I had no idea the health benefits of tamarind! Needless to say, I am eager  to share with you the uber impressive digestive benefits of this tropical fruit.  Truth be told, this fruit is not only miraculous for healing digestive issues but the entire body from a number of ailments. 

Everyone deserves to live a sound and healthy life.  Acquiring temporary health isn’t sufficient  – so to maintain a wonderful long-term healthy life is utterly integral to your diet. Regarding this aspect, we’re presenting you with a natural health booster – Tamarind. If you are looking forward to knowing about this natural gift, congrats!  You’ve come to the right place.

So Exactly What Is The Tamarind Fruit?

Tamarind (tamarindus indica) is a tropical fruit produced by the  Tamarind tree,  a leguminous tree in the family Fabaceae indigenous to tropical Africa. The tamarind tree produces pod-like fruit that contains an edible pulp used in cuisines around the world, like my grandmother’s tamarind stew for instance.

But enough cuisine, desserts, and yummy goodness let’s talk about the health benefits of this tropical miracle.

Health Benefits And Uses

Per 100 grams of pulp provides:

Calcium 35-170 mg, potassium 375 mg , vitamin A 15 I.U, Thiamine 0.16mg, Tartaric acid 8-23.8mg, Phosphorous 54-110mg, protein 3.10g, magnesium 92 mg, Riboflavin 0.07mg.Its young leaves also contain multiple nutritional benefits. The leaves when young contain 63mg of sulfur and 101 mg of calcium.


What Is Tamarind?

Tamarind is nitrogenous fruit vastly found in every area suitable horticultural area of the world. It belongs to the family of Legumes. It has various names but the basic term used to indicate this fruit is “Indian Date”. It has enormous healthy effects, moreover, it is also used in the various dishes to add some kind of special taste, so, it is also a tasting ingredient. One of the major health effects of Tamarind is its digestion-boosting property. Tamarind also assists in Liver detoxification.

Before elaborating the exceptional and brilliant merits of Tamarind – let us have a look at what nutrients Tamarind is lacking and which nutrients are in abundance.
• Calcium (7%-9%)
• Iron (18%-20%)
• Vitamin C and A (5% and 0.5% to 1%)
• Potassium (15%)
• Niacin (12%)
• Phosphorus (18%)
• Magnesium (24%)
• Dietary Fiber (15%)


Digestive Effects Of Tamarind:

Tamarind is also considered as a god-gifted Laxative because of the rich content of dietary fiber. In both forms (as a fruit or as a Spice) Tamarind has brilliant effects on your digestion. The presence of dietary fiber enhances the metabolic reactions in your body which directly leads to the increase in efficiency of the digestive system. The nutrients absorbed from it directly interact with bile and various bile acids – with the assistance of this activity the digestion of fats and fat-soluble vitamins becomes much easier for your digestive system. The Laxative tendency of Tamarind eases the passage of food from your digestive pathway. Smooth flow of food from intestinal track eradicates any minor fear of chronic constipation. It carries exactly the same effects of soluble fiber and reduces the loose stools.

The Effects Of Tamarind On Your Gut’s Health:

In the past, Tamarind was thought as a gut’s health booster but with the passage of time – it is now scientifically approved that the effects of Tamarind on gut health are surprisingly promising. Tamarind helps in maintaining the blood pressure of the body which provides a favorable environment to your Gut to perform its task. It eradicates LDL cholesterol from the arteries which enable a sound flow of blood from your heart to gut and all other digestive elements. The presence of Vitamin-C neutralizes the free radicals of the body.
Researches have shown that the usage of Tamarind in your food boosts up your metabolism and aids weight maintenance. Hydroxy-citric acid (found rich in tamarind) aids various enzymes of your gut to maintain its activities. 

Tamarind And Liver Detox:

Various researches and health-related blogs have been claiming that Tamarind is natural Liver Detox – and the results are more promising and surprising. 
During rest, our bones excrete fluoride which is later on acts as an acid in the body. This fluoride accumulates at the upper layer of the liver – resultantly which acidifies the liver. Tamarind ingestion stabilizes this fluoride excretion from the bones and helps the liver to mobilize the acids.
When Tamarind is taken without salt, it produces Phytates, tannic acids and polyphenols. These acids are super effective to eradicate other harmful acids from the body. These acids work utterly as the assistance of liver detox which comes directly from Tamarind.

The Relation Of Tamarind And Liver:

A standout amongst the most influenced organs in our framework  is the liver. It has a significant job of detoxification and assimilation. Tamarind could be an incredible decision to deal with the liver and ought to be taken as a customary substance in the event of liver harmfulness incited by liquor or non-alcoholic greasy liver conditions.
It’s critical to reminded  not to blend them with refined sugar and allergens like gluten and dairy items (in the event that you use tamarind for pastries), as this sort of fixings produce resistant responses.