TOxic Personal products steal Women's Health

Elevate Clean Beauty helps you Reclaim your health and live in the joy of wellness

Our Customers No Longer Struggle with

  • Continuous cycle of unresolved hormonal issues
  • Trans-generational reproductive and metabolic health burdens for future generations
  • Long-time Exposure to Cancer-Causing Chemicals and the hidden health risk 

we've been there

At Paradise Blush we know you want to  take control of your health. But in order to do that you must eliminate toxic personal care.  The problem is the personal care industry compromises your health.  We believe beauty shouldn’t make you sick. We understand how it feels to struggle with recurring personal care issues. So  here are the steps you need to take…


How to Start Elevating your Existence

1. Buy+Download Clean Beauty

Stop shooting blanks and resolve recurring personal care issues

2. Purchase E.y.E Essential Oils

100% pure essential oils are a multifaceted approach to wellness

3. Gain Wisdom & Knowledge

Nothing builds confidence like taking control oi your health

4. Be in Control of your Health

Thrive for the people you love. Lots of people smile when you enter a room!

We're ElEvating the Existence of our Customers

I thought this book was going to be just DIYs but it's so well researched and offered me internal solutions that I would've have never connected to my skin frustrations.
product designer
Elevate Clean Beauty!!I'm inspired and to continue on a cleaner path. I am closing the gap between these products and health. My family is healthier.
business owner
Because of Elevate Clean Beauty I eat better, knowing it is a huge part of my beauty regimen. It feels like I don't have to work that hard anymore. How I eat is so much better.

Life After buying our products

  • Eliminate recurring personal care issues and frustrations
  • Save money and time by eliminating toxic beauty products that don’t nourish or heal
  • Simplify and multiply the effects of your personal care routine (inside and out)

I know what it feels like to  to suffer with hair loss and acne.  It’s frustrating and it steals your confidence. When you’re not in control of your health its like being taken hostage. I myself  and many women who felt like they were on a hamster wheel. But what I have learned over the past 10 years of helping women achieve a healthier existence is that health is truly the greatest wealth. 

Sharifa Potter

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