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OF The Rock Body Butter 8oz and 16oz glass jars

Experience smoother texture, a more even skin tone, deep moisture, and youthful suppleness.

With a nourishing base of shea butter, and a hyper-nutrient dense collage of restorative essential oils, like Australian sandalwood, Egyptian geranium, lavender, and Rose you will experience body butter that brings joy and wellness in its application.

Essential oils are critical to skin wellness because they truly nourish with their active and complex compounds,  When blended together their ability to nourish and heal is boosted.  

It's time to pamper your skin and feel like silk all over.  This is our best seller.  I promise you will LOVE how your skin feels and looks after adding this gem to your beauty regimen!

This butter is available in 8 and 16oz amber glass jars.