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Has Your Skin Ever told on You at the Worst Possible Time?


 I walked into work, convinced that if I kept my head positioned at a calculated angle  all day, I could exit with my former face still safely etched in the memory of my fellow coworkers, undisturbed.  I told myself, “Ok, Sharifa, work the angle and no one will detect this brewing eruption on the side of your nose.” 

I pulled up to the building, took a deep breath, and grasp the door handle with firmness. Wondering why in God’s name I cared so much in the first place.  I felt like I was hurried into the building, shoved in with a wind of fragile aloofness, that glided me across the dusty concrete floor. 

In an instant my peripheral vision was heightened, perhaps as a defense mechanism, as I saw my co worker walking towards me to say, Buenos Dias Sharifa.  “Ok don’t panic, we do this every day, I said with my heart pounding. I gave her a tight smile, she returns the gesture with a wide array of pearl teeth.  I begin to work my angles. Leaning my face into my zit, hoping the angle I was working, didn’t look too unnatural, but enough to disguise this disturbance protruding from my face.

As she approached, I waited for  “Buenos Dias” or Hola Sharifa. This was always followed by her heading towards the kitchen to heat up her coffee.

Then it happened.  Her face quickly contorted itself into a pretzel.  “Sharifa!” she belted. I never heard my name wrapped in that heightened tone as it pushed out of her mouth and into the echo of the building for all to pause and look in my direction.  Her hands began gesturing, her finger pointing. I knew if her hands could speak they would say, “what in God’s name is going on with your face! “ 

Yes, friends…It was that bad.

So I know all too well that the skin is like a tell all book, or the loud mouth friend  who won’t think twice about telling all your business! What you eat, drink, potions, and lotions will eventually be exposed by your skin.  Whether it’s premature lines and wrinkles, age spots, sagging, acne, rashes, a head turning glow, supple hydrated, or blemish-free skin, your skin is directly impacted by everything you do.  It’s your body’s first line of defense.

We all desire to present our best self. But honestly, it easy to neglect the internal self.  And eventually it shows up on our skin. The skin is our diary. I know I was neglecting myself.  Working long ungodly hours, eating on the run, getting up way too early to work on someone else’s dream.  But that’s for another blog post. The truth is, that zit was a wake up call for me to slow down, and begin to get back to myself, my self care routine.  I was compromising my body and it was beginning to show. I was abandoning my vessel, the only one I will ever have for a small amount of restitution.

The truth is when I made the decision to put myself first, begin purging my body from an external skin care routine with quick fix potions, that smelled great but were actually quite damaging, my life began to flourish as well as my skin!  

It's time to elevate

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