Estrogen dominance is a liver issue

Obliterate Estrogen Dominance by Cleaning up your Liver

Your health journey is warfare. This is especially true when hormone imbalance guts your life.  Therefore, the desire to “just make it go away” is understandable.

So it’s no stretch that hearing, “Which pharmacy would you like your prescription filled,” perhaps like many, fills you with a sense of resolve.

You’re then shoved out the doctor’s office and everything is well again–until it’s not again.

Conventional Hormone Treatments? WTF

The truth is, prescription drugs cause more than 2.2 million hospitalizations and 110,000 hospital-based deaths a year. In addition, prescription drugs don’t upgrade your health— but instead, only possess false relief.

The fact that you’re also bombarded with side effects, which accelerate the progression of diseases, are derailments that magnify the false grandeur of prescriptions as a healing mechanism.

For example, estrogen replacement therapy, a popular treatment among menopausal women, may cause troublesome estrogen levels. When your estrogen levels are unnaturally high relative to your progesterone levels, estrogen dominance has just plopped down on your life.

A 2008 study from the Journal of Breast Cancer Research and Treatment found that women who used estrogen in combination with synthetic progestins had a 69 percent increased risk of breast cancer.

I believe this statistic has nothing to do with a woman’s DNA or pulling the short straw. But the fact that synthetic hormones, like Premarin®, are made using estrogen from the urine of pregnant mares. 

Even common brand contraceptive pills and Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) contain Estradiol or Ethinyl (synthetic estrogens) that affect your iodine absorption. Not only that, but Iodine is an instrumental mineral for fertility. It also manufactures thyroid hormones, breast health and supports the ability of the liver to detoxify harmful substances such as mercury, fluoride, and bromide.

So what are you to do when hormone imbalance, like estrogen dominance, has chewed up your life?

Needless to say, drugs are not the answer.

Instead, let food be thy medicine to regulate estrogen dominance.


Your Liver’s Burden

Start with cleansing your liver. The truth is you deserve better than creating for yourself an everlasting, biochemical crutch.  Unfortunately, we live in an era where healthcare does not always warrant wellness.

Hippocrates, the father of medicine said it best—

“the natural forces within us are the true healers of disease.”


The liver is instrumental in hormone balance and if your liver is compromised, your hormones will not go quietly into the night. Hence, estrogen dominance.

The liver is responsible for excreting used or metabolized hormones out of your body.  When, however, the liver is compromised, this process is restrained. Your liver also takes care of all the accidentals.  The environmental toxins, someone sneezing in your mouth, or even catching a booger flick unwillingly–all taken care of by the liver. This is good news.

But there are, what I like to call, the burden of Choice toxins.  Choice toxins, the personal care products purchased with your hard-earned cash, are the single highest and generally unrecognized class of avoidable exposure to toxic ingredients.  So yes, you’re paying more for body lotion than you think. Trust me, if this revelation has unsettled you, as it did me, it’s a good thing.

Here’s Why Estrogen Dominance Is So Dang Dangerous?

The truth is, Estrogen Dominance puts your health at risk.  It’s a dangerous precursor if left untamed.

The increment in inflammatory agents in day-to-day life are enhancing the estrogen (or estrogen mimic) level, fueling ‘estrogen dominance.’…The unprecedented escalation in the polycystic ovary syndrome, infertility, breast cancer, ovary cancer, and gynecomastia cases are indicating that this sensitive hormone is getting exacerbated.

In essence, when the body has elevated estrogen, it responds with a plethora of symptoms.

Breast tenderness and swelling
Fibrocystic breast lumps
Low sex drive
Irregular menstrual cycle or heavy periods
Increased premenstrual syndrome
Weight gain
Hair loss
Cold hands and feet
Trouble sleeping
Mood Swings & Memory problems

If you suffer from these symptoms, consider checking your estrogen levels.  Let’s Get Checked is a convenient in-home testing option that puts you in control of your healing. Also, use the code Power20 for a 20% discount off your test.

Checking your liver is also vital because the naivete of everyday common practices may further burden your liver.  This point was solidified in a more recent study.

Participants in this study applied sunscreen on 75% of their bodies the first day.
After initial absorption, the concentration of the six chemicals in the blood increased each day of application and remained above FDA safety levels at day seven, well after the application had ended. Two of the chemicals — homosalate and oxybenzone — were still above safety thresholds on day 21. 

See, initially these types of products, bypass liver enzymes because they are absorbed through your skin and sink directly into your blood. They circulate throughout your body before the liver engages in blood detoxification. This is the reason transdermal patches like nicotine and motion sickness patches are so effective.

Penetration Enhancers Make The Skin Even More Permeable

Also, penetration enhancers are a category of chemicals designed to increase your skin’s ability to absorb product ingredients.  These nanoparticles—atom-sized ingredients, are added to anti-wrinkle cream, sunblocks, moisturizers and whatever else the industry sees fit. Nothing is off-limits.


Chemicals such as polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), bisphenol A (BPA), and phthalates are xenoestrogens. These chemicals disrupt the normal estrogenic balance. These products are notorious in personal care products.  Fragrances contain phthalates.  Avoid fragrances without compromise.


The Manifestation of An Overtaxed Liver

Estrogen metabolites can build-up in your liver. When your liver refuses to clear hormonal waste through a detoxification pathway, the used hormones are reintroduced into your body.

Yellow eye whites, fatigue, allergies, poor skin, and bad cholesterol, are general signs your liver may be taxed.  Testing for Elevated ALT and or AST enzymes within the liver can identify an overburdened liver. 


What You Can Do to Eliminate Estrogen Dominance

Look, it’s your time to take control of your health.  For a doctor to pump your body of synthetics hormones, that further disrupt your body’s chemistry, is drastic.

Instead, start here:

1. Eliminate Toxic Personal Care and pursue other alternatives.  Beauty and personal care do not need any complications.

2. Revamp your diet and eliminate all that dang sugar. Candida overgrowth towers on sugar.  Candida feeds on progesterone.  As a result, estrogen levels become elevated.


3. Drink Herbs to Detox the Liver and Balance the Endocrine System

Dandelion Root cleanses the liver. Use as a tea for several weeks, it will cleanse and stimulate the liver.

Licorice Root normalizes hormone production and detoxifies the liver. Licorice root heals the liver and is a potent liver tonic.

Nettle Leaf is one of the best blood and liver detox for young women. It’s high in minerals (iron and calcium)  and aids the liver in its functions. It’s also a mild diuretic.

Oregan Grape Root is a liver decongestant and alleviates a sluggish liver. Oregan Grape Root also digests fats and oils.

Pau d’ arco aids the liver and endocrine system. It treats autoimmune disease, cancer, glandular disorders, and candida in parts of Argentina and Brazil. Doctors in the U.S. are exploring Pau d’ arco as a cancer treatment.

Wild Yam is a significant herb for liver health and endocrine system.  Its active constituents are important hormone precursors.

Yellow dock Root detoxifies and cleanses the liver. It also enriches the blood.  It aids the digestion of fats and oils.


4. Take Supplements that support and enhance GLUTATHIONE Production (this is major)

The liver produces Glutathione, a POWERFUL antioxidant.  Glutathione detoxifies the body from free radicals. Unfortunately, toxin exposure depletes Glutathione. This imbalance is behind many toxin-related diseases like cancer. Milk thistle helps prevent its depletion and can actually raise glutathione levels by 35 percent.

Also, Vitamin C and N-acetyl-cysteine also aid the production of glutathione.  It’s important to note that NAC can increase free radical formation so keep your dosage between 200-800mg per day.

Also, the body can absorb an oral supplement, Recancostat, a glutathione supplement with great effectiveness.


With over 200 critical duties, YOUR LIVER CONDITION WILL DETERMINE YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE. PERIOD. So ask yourself, who run this mother… or shall I say what…? Cause and Effect is not a convenient truth it’s, Universal Law.